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Enjoy Year Round Fun at the Outer Banks Aquarium

Fishing for fun? If you are looking for something family-friendly, a break from the weather, or just the chance to learn something new, look no further than the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. Insiders know that this is the best place to spend an hour... View the full post »

Homeschooling on the Outer Banks: Visit, Play and Learn!

Welcome to our classroom! If you homeschool, the Outer Banks should play a starring role in your curriculum. There are three important things we want our homeschooling readers to know. Read on to get the scoop. 1. Win a FREE... View the full post »

Win a FREE Week in a Gorgeous OBX Rental!

Great Escapes Vacation Rentals: Established 2015Great Escapes is so excited to be going into our fourth year helping vacationers find beautiful OBX rentals in our quaint little towns of Corolla, Duck and Southern Shores. Unforgettable memories are made on and around our f... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Vacation

Planning a vacation can seem so overwhelming! Sure, it's fun to save a bunch of ideas to your Pinterest board of places you want to visit or activities you want to try, but actually making it happen is another story! We have found that it's incredibly he... View the full post »

Winter Is Wonderful On the Outer Banks

Chill out with us this winter ❄️Visiting the beach during the winter months is truly magical and unexpected! It's hard to describe. A winter visit offers an opportunity to observe our beautiful barrier islands in their purest form. Free of crowds, traffi... View the full post »

Quick and Easy Seashell Crafts That Make Great Gifts

You don't need to shell out big bucks for awesome presents! Have you ever admired the beautiful beach-themed ornaments or decor you see at Christmas shops? Do you ever think, gosh...I could make that at home! I'm not going to pay $14.99 for that ornament!&nbs... View the full post »

How to Add a Little Coastal Flair to Your Christmas Decor

Christmas is a beautiful time of year filled with family, friends, food and all things joy and merriment. We relish the change of season, taking the time to welcome a new and quieter pace on our shores of the Outer Banks. However, like any other beach lover, we love incorpor... View the full post »

When, Where, and How to Hunt the Best Shells in the OBX

There's no doubt that the minute you booked your OBX vacation rental you also started drafting your list of must-do activities. Shell hunting and beach-combing are two of the most popular things to do on our beautiful North Carolina beaches, and these things can be enjoyed... View the full post »

Important Things to Know About Fall Fishing in the Outer Banks

Fall is a most wonderful time of the year. It’s a season packed full of holiday and tradition, with ample opportunity to spend extra hours with family and friends.In the Outer Banks, fall fishing is a prime activity for locals and visitors alike. Whether you prefer ... View the full post »

10 Fall Quotes That Will Make Beach Lovers Happy

If you are a true Outer Banks Vacation lover, the season or time of year don't matter to you. The beach is always filled with beauty and wonder, no matter what time of year it is. That is exactly how we feel at Great Escapes. Along with cooler weather and less crowds, ... View the full post »

How To Have The Best Pet Friendly Beach Vacation

Taking a family vacation to the Outer Banks means different things to different people. Some family vacations are huge events, with dozens of people spanning multiple generations and branches of the family tree. Some are smaller, more intimate affairs, with only a cor... View the full post »

The 3 Best Towns in the Outer Banks Are…

North Carolina’s Outer Banks are actually a series of barrier islands that run for a 130-mile span just off the coastline of mainland NC. There are a number of established townships and villages scattered along the way, from Corolla in the north to Ocracoke in the south,... View the full post »

4 Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier At The Beach With Toddlers

While beach life is the arguably the best life, beaching it with toddlers can sometimes take a turn for the worse. But this doesn't have to be your experience at all! We here at Great Escapes know how to prepare to enjoy the beach in all circumstances, including those ... View the full post »

How To Pack A Cooler For The Perfect Day At The Beach

There you are, standing in the kitchen in your OBX vacation rental, trying to decide how much of what needs to go into the cooler for your upcoming day in the sand. Looking at the spread before you, one question keeps circling your mind: How on Earth are you going to get ... View the full post »

5 Surprising Items That You Need In Your Beach Bag

Packing a well-appointed beach bag is something of an art. You have to hit that sweet spot of having everything you and your crew need to enjoy hours of surf and sand without carting in a ton of stuff that you don't need. While there are the standard items that no OB... View the full post »